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Whether for the fleet of everyday private cars, commercial and farm vehicles, or more specialist high value, performance and classic cars, Cox Mahon can arrange tailored policy cover for your motor insurance requirements.

Whether you own a classic car or a prestige motor, as an independent specialist broker, Cox Mahon can help with your insurance. Classic car insurance can be a tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances – whether that’s a policy for an enthusiast to cover a single classic car or insurance for a whole collection. We can offer insurance for most UK based vintage cars – from the American cars of the fifties or the muscle cars from the sixties, the British classics from MGB and Triumph to the humbler VW Beetle and the quirky Reliant Robin that found fame with Trotters Independent Traders.

If your business involves classic cars, for example a fleet of vintage cars for weddings etc – please get in touch with us – [email protected]

Should your classic car have any modification from its original specification, for example to the engine please let us know. As a specialist insurance broker, we know that ‘one size fits all’ seldom applies and understand that unique circumstances can and do exist, so if this should be the case – please call us.

Insurance for modern classics

If you are the proud owner of a so-called modern classic from the 70s, 80s or 90s – say the Golf GTi, or the stunning Toyota Supra, we can provide insurance cover.

The cost of insuring a classic car

Many customers have been pleasantly surprised at the cost we have been able to secure to insure their classic car. We believe that the insurance sector appreciates the utmost care owners take with this type of vehicle including regular servicing and this is therefore reflected in the price. Cox Mahon would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a detailed quotation.

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Classic cars FAQs

Q. As a younger driver can I get classic car insurance?

A. Yes, insurance underwriters are aware that owners of classic cars value their investment and the likelihood that the investment will be taken care of and used in a responsible manner. This is why we can offer affordable classic car insurance to the under 25s.

Q. I only used my classic car on the highways during the summer months, can I get short term insurance?

A. Yes, temporary insurance cover is available for your ‘classic’. Simply let us know the start date and the length of cover you require, we can provide you with a quotation to meet your specified dates. In fact, if you only use car for the occasional wedding, car club event or even track days – with Cox Mahon – you’re covered.

Q. From an insurance point-of-view what age makes the car a ‘classic’?

A. This question will start a real debate with classic car owners! We understand that there is no real standard and that nothing has been ‘set in stone’ to cover this. If you want a benchmark, then 20 years or older seems to be acceptable to many owners. However, there are exceptions to this, say for example a car that is no longer in production but has a cult following can also qualify as a classic.

Q. Do you offer insurance cover for other vintage vehicles?

A. Yes, many of our clients have vintage commercial vehicles or tractors. If you can provide us with the details, we can provide you with a quotation for their insurance cover.

A. Is my classic car exempt from an MOT?

Q. As a rule, any car over 40 years old (built before or during 1979) is most probably exempt from the MOT.

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