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Practice Liability

Employment regulations are constantly changing and employee protections under law continue to evolve and expand.

A company’s workers can claim that their legal rights as employees have been compromised or violated, and the subsequent claim of a breach of employment law can have a huge financial impact on a company.

More and more staff are aware of their rights and are quite prepared to take action against their employers if they think these rights are being breached.

Compensation awards are reaching six, even seven figures in the UK, setting precedents and giving employees everywhere a context for their own grievances.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPLI”) is typically purchased by business owners to protect their organisations against claims brought by employees alleging such acts as constructive or wrongful dismissal, harassment or discrimination on the grounds of colour, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

EPLI will provide protection to the organisation and its employees for legal defence costs, expenses and any compensation awards for a wide range of employment practice violations.

EPLI can be purchased as a ‘stand-alone’ solution or as part of a broader package of management liability insurances.

Employment Practice Liability