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High Value
Worth Home Insurance

Higher value and larger homes require more consideration when arranging their insurance cover.  A standard “off-the-shelf” or online quotation will rarely provide the individual insurance cover, policy limits or flexibility that such homeowners require.

A high value home insurance (high value worth home insurance) policy benefits customers who have particularly valuable assets, such as an expensive home, a collection of fine art, high-end jewellery and more.

At Cox Mahon we know how important your home and possessions are and can provide bespoke high value home insurance tailored to you and your specific requirements. Our experienced account executives will work with you to understand your needs and put together the most cost effective solutions from our range of high calibre insurers.

Buildings Cover – as well as the main dwellings, a high net worth policy will also include outbuildings, garages, swimming pools, tennis courts and other features on the property. Additional considerations may also apply if your home is a Listed Building.

Contents Cover – this can include furniture, furnishings, household goods and personal effects.  More specific cover can also be arranged for fine art, antiques and collectibles (such as books, coins or wine). Many policies will also provide contents cover on a ‘worldwide’ basis, which can be especially attractive to people with multiple homes or those who travel-insurance extensively.

Valuables Cover – this includes high value items such as watches, jewellery and furs as well as other items regularly taken outside your home. Some insurers will cover these under your contents cover, others will list them separately.

Liabilities Cover – as the owner of a house or employer of domestic staff you may be exposed to legal liabilities. This can all be included within your policy providing you with protection against liability claims related to your property or household employees.

A high net worth policy can also include Legal Expenses and Worldwide Travel insurance – all within the one contract.

A surprisingly high number of policyholders are underinsured which can create problems with insurers when it comes to settling claims. Cox Mahon can assist our clients with professional valuations on the buildings, contents, jewellery, art or collections.

High Value Worth Home Insurance

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