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Crime &
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A comprehensive Crime Insurance policy covers your business against the criminal behaviour of a dishonest employee or a dishonest third party (including collusion between the two). It will compensate the business as a result of theft, fraud or dishonest activity and the resultant loss off your own funds or for any customer’s funds in your care and custody.

Crime insurance is an often overlooked insurance because crime-related losses are not typically covered by commercial property insurance, so it’s vital to ensure that your business is suitably protected. The policy will not just cover physical theft, but also electronic theft, including “social engineering”.

Regardless of the various security measures you put in place to protect your business, unfortunately there will always be individuals, either from within your business or external to it, who seek to take or damage what is not theirs.

From fake expenses and disappearing stock, to spoof emails and non-existent suppliers, cases of economic crime and social engineering fraud are increasing rapidly. Every organisation is vulnerable, regardless of size, location or business sector.

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