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If you are undertaking any extensions, refurbishments, property development or construction, then the contract (between the client and the contractor) will generally stipulate who is responsible for loss or damage incurred during the buildings works.

Whether you are the property owner, developer or contractor, before starting any building project, having the right building contract works insurance in place is of paramount importance. This is where Cox Mahon can assist.

Contract Works Insurance is designed to cover the building project in progress (“The Works”) against fire and other perils from the commencement date until its handover or completion. It can be arranged on a specific project basis, but for building companies, it is more usually arranged through an annual Contract Works insurance policy, covering all projects during the year.

Contractors All Risks (“CAR”) insurance is a wider form of policy that will include cover for The Works, but also items such as:

  • Own Plant on site
  • Hired In Plant (including any ongoing liability for continual hire charges if damaged whilst in your custody)
  • Tools (both your own and employees tools)
  • Temporary buildings

CAR insurance should not just be a consideration for building contractors or developers, but also a wide range of ancillary trades such as electricians, shopfitters, heating & ventilation contractors, double glazing installers, dry lining firms and flooring contractors.

Additional insurances a building contractor may require include:

  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Non negligence insurance/JCT 21.2.1 Insurance/JCT 6.2.4 Insurance
  • Property Insurance (existing structures)
  • Design & Construct Professional Indemnity
  • Latent/Inherent Defects Insurance
  • Terrorism Insurance
  • Environmental Impairment Liability/Pollution
Contract & Building Works Insurance Brokers