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Storm Eunice

In anticipation of Storm Eunice hitting the UK imminently and the likelihood that this will be a high impact event, we are issuing the following guidance to our Private Clients:


Gusts of 60-70mph are currently expected widely across England and Wales, particularly central and southern regions. Gusts of 80mph inland are possible across England and Wales including major towns and cities such as London and Birmingham. Winds of this strength are rarely seen so widely in populated inland areas of the UK. There is also a moderate possibility of gusts exceeding 90mph across very exposed and coastal areas of England and Wales. Gusts of 50mph are currently expected across Northern Ireland reaching 60-70mph across exposed eastern coastal areas. Some rain is expected to accompany Storm Eunice but accumulations are not expected to result in significant or widespread impacts. 24-hour rainfall totals are not expected to exceed 30mm widely or 60mm over high ground, therefore significant flood damage is highly unlikely; however, high tidal ranges are expected bringing the potential for some localised coastal flooding across western and southern coastal areas. There remains some uncertainty around the magnitude of the likely claim volumes due to differences between current forecast models, particularly in the forecast track and strength of peak wind gusts across populated areas, although a small minority of models continue to forecast a more southerly track. In these scenarios the strongest winds are across southern coastal counties of England, the Channel and into northern France. Significant impacts would still be likely in this scenario but would be lower than that given above due to the more limited extent of the strongest winds over the UK.

Initial Advice to insureds of what do to in a storm situation

You can find detailed advice on the ABI website, but in brief: –

  • Take steps to mitigate the loss – proceed with temporary repairs to ensure that no further damage occurs and keep copies of the invoices
  • Take photographs/videos of the damage and ensure these are ready to send once you notify us of any damage
  • Obtain quotations for repairs – at least one, but preferably two – and ask the contractor to confirm that the repairs relate to storm damage
  • If at all possible, have a description and measurements of the damaged area ready to assist the appointed adjuster’s validation of the claim
  • If alternative accommodation is needed, start looking for local options immediately

Further Information

If you have any queries or need to contact us in an emergency, then please contact your Account Executive on the details below.

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