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Hints and tips for a safe festive season

Insurance at Christmas – hints and tips for a safe Christmastide


Many of us will be heading to the shops or online this Christmas looking for the perfect gift. However, sadly Christmas is a prime time for thieves, burglars and pick pockets. Not everyone thinks of insurance at Christmas, but below are some tips to help avoid losses over the festive season:

  • Whilst Christmas shopping if you are going to leave items in your car, put as much in the boot, out of sight as possible
  • If you are going to visit several shops, consider leaving your purchases with the store and collecting them all in one go at the end of your trip (some large shopping centres offer a concierge service for gift storage)
  • Consider using unmarked bags so as not to draw attention to where you have shopped
  • Keep wallets, purses and phones in a close pocket where it is less accessible to pick pockets
  • Consider card payments rather than carrying cash


If you have bought or are planning to buy someone an expensive present, for example jewellery or a watch, be sure to consider your insurance cover is adequate. If in doubt, make a quick call to your broker for peace of mind. A great benefit of a high net worth policy is that most contain an automatic cover for new acquisitions. Most allow up to 30 days for notification of new items.


Properties can be a target for burglars any time but particularly during the festive season. The darker nights are an ideal time for burglars to strike, so where possible try to ensure that your property is well lit and properly secured. Often intruders will target the rear of the property so be mindful to ensure that you have good security measures in place. It is worth considering engaging locks on doors and windows, even when you are in the house.

Empty Property

Unoccupied property over the festive season? Whether you are away for the holidays or own an unoccupied property don’t leave yourself exposed. Here are some tips to avoid damage to your property:

  • Leave the heating on a low constant temperature to avoid freezing
  • Leave the loft hatch open so that warm air can circulate to keep the pipes from freezing
  • If possible, ask someone to check on your property periodically (including internally)
  • Consider a leak detection system. They can help to avoid extensive water damage


If you are visiting family or they are visiting you, you may need to consider whether you need cover for temporary additional drivers. Most high net worth motor insurers give an extension to the cover which provides cover for any driver who does not reside with you. In addition, most also provide cover for the policy holder to drive any car with the owner’s permission.

In the event of a claim, a high net worth policy will provide peace of mind that you will be provided with a courtesy car similar to your own insured vehicle. This means that you would not have to squeeze your family into a much smaller vehicle than your own. Most high net worth motor policies also provide European and UK breakdown cover as standard.

Information provided by Harrison Law, Cert CII, Head of Commercial & Private Clients, Cox Mahon Ltd.