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Storm warning – time to start to consider contingency plans

Advice on how to prepare for winter storms

Cox Mahon, the independent specialist insurance broker is suggesting that customers should start to take precautions to help prevent damage to property ahead of the coming storm season, yes it’s time to start contingency plans.

The advice comes as the Met Office publishes the annual list of storm names for the upcoming season serving as a reminder to those responsible for property to prepare for extreme weather.

In 2022 the UK experienced widespread disruption and damage as Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin brought 122mph winds and severe flooding to parts of the country leading to over 170,000 insurance claims.

A timely reminder to take steps

Harrison Law Cert CII, Head of Commercial & Private Clients at Cox Mahon, said: “Since 2015 when the Met Office started to name storms, it’s always caught the public attention. Storms can have a massive impact on our customers, so this announcement is a timely reminder for them to take steps to prepare for the winter.”

Property owners can help to prevent damage by carrying out basic steps before the storms arrive:

  • Before a storm – Prepare a recovery plan that covers how to deal with severe weather events, carry out maintenance of buildings and trees, remove loose roof materials, repair damaged guttering, and clear any blocked rainwater gullies. Make sure that key contacts, insurance, plumbers, electricians etc are listed on your mobile device
  • Storm warning – should the Met Office declare a storm warning for your area make sure to secure loose objects in the grounds, close and securely fasten doors and windows
  • During the storm – Do not be tempted to visit the property to repair any damage while the storm is in progress. If you have to go into the premises or are in the building during a storm, make sure to enter and leave the building through doors in the sheltered side, closing them behind
  • After the storm – When the storm has passed if there is damage immediately contact your insurer who will be able to help you

Cox Mahon has access to a network of specialist contractors it works with to help customers recover following extreme weather. The specialist insurer helps to coordinate clean-up operations for affected customers and works with loss adjustors that will provide onsite help to get customers and businesses back on their feet.

Ready to support our clients

Harrison continued: “Unpredictable and extreme weather is becoming more prevalent in the UK, from heatwaves to flooding, so it’s important that Cox Mahon are ready to support our clients. Last year we had widespread and severe cold weather which affected a number of our customers, leading to a high volume of claims. Our simple message is that our team and claims handlers will be able to support them if they are affected by storms this winter. As ever we are here if customers need us.”

Information provided by Ecclesiastical Insurance and contributed by Harrison Law, Cert CII from Cox Mahon.