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Sometimes you just had to be there ….

From phones dropped in custard, to cars pelted by potatoes, to deer in swimming pools – leading Insurer Aviva’s customers have definitely found themselves in some unusual situations, and Aviva’s claims handlers have seen it all.

Salt and vinegar with that? 

A motor insurance customer encountered an oncoming tractor pulling a trailer of potatoes. The potatoes flew off the trailer and the policyholder’s car was bombarded. When reporting the incident, he commented: 

“There were no injuries but there were some chips from where the potatoes hit the car.”

There’s a deer in my swimming pool! 

A deer fell into a customer’s outdoor swimming pool, damaging the cover and tearing the pool lining, causing it to leak. Thankfully, a local animal charity was able to look after the deer and Aviva settled the claim.

Why did the chicken cross the road? 

We’re not sure, but one policyholder had a “fowl” day when she braked to avoid a hen in the highway, only to be hit in the rear bumper by another car. Reports that the customer was spitting feathers were swiftly denied.

Bless you!

A home insurance customer was about to eat his lunch while resting on the sofa. He sneezed just at the point of sitting and catapulted soup all over the carpet and couch.

Eight-legged invader: 

One customer panicked when a spider ran up her leg while driving, causing her to bump into a parked vehicle. No people or arachnids were injured in the settling of this claim.

A cautionary “tail”:

An excitable dog wagged its tail into a can of beer which spilled over its owner’s laptop.

Droning on.

A drone hit a customer’s house, knocking off a roof-tile. Both the roof-tile and the drone then fell onto the customer’s car which was parked in the drive, damaging the vehicle’s door and roof.

Pudding the customer first… 

One home insurance customer claimed for a replacement phone when it suddenly stopped working… after she had dropped it in a bowl of custard.

It’s not cricket: 

One policyholder was waiting in their vehicle outside a cricket club when a cricket ball flew out of the ground and dented the bonnet. The club advised it was the third time that week such an incident had happened. Howzat?!

A truly smashing baker. 

One customer was making a carrot cake when her oven door suddenly exploded.

Toilet troubles: 

Aviva assisted one customer after his car was struck by a toilet cistern which fell from a passing tipper truck.

Cat amongst the painters: 

A customer was decorating when he tripped over the family kitten, spilling paint on the living room carpet and furniture.

A sticky situation: 

One customer spilt a can of cola in her car boot after being startled by a wasp. The sticky liquid unfortunately seeped into the vehicle’s electrics, causing damage to the audio and sat-nav system.

Rotten luck: 

A customer put her grocery shopping bags on her sofa in her kitchen-diner. She didn’t realise that a couple of bananas had fallen behind the scatter cushions until they started to smell a few days later, staining the sofa as they rotted. 

Gareth Hemming, MD, Personal Lines for Aviva says: ”From the everyday unusual to the downright bizarre, we encounter all sorts of claims from our customers – the kinds where people say, “you had to be there!” Insurance is designed in case of the unforeseen and unexpected – and as our claims experience shows, we see plenty of situations which couldn’t have been predicted!