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Protect your business from Cyber Crime and Data Breaches

Cyber insurance isn’t just to cover your business from loss following cyber crime such as extortion, hacking, malware or ransomware. It’s designed to protect your business from all types of risks associated with the internet.

You could be compensated for a loss or breach of data following a system failure. It could cover your fine following an inadvertent breach to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection laws. It could even provide compensation following service disruption due to a third party software failure.

A cyber incident impacting your business could be caused by a hacker, a supplier or even a member of staff. It’s not always down to poor software or hardware security.

Generally, these types of incidents are not covered through traditional insurance policies, so it’s wise to take a look at what a Cyber Insurance policy can offer.

A good Cyber policy won’t just cover losses incurred from a failure or breach. It will even help you to discover and solve the problems, manage the situation and could get your business up and running again in a matter of hours.

With over 20 years’ of insurance experience, the Cox Mahon Cyber Specialists can create a tailor-made policy to cover your business cyber risks. We have a reputation for excellent service, an in-depth market knowledge and access to insurance markets that enable us to provide premium insurance and risk-management solutions at competitive premiums.

We know how important it is that your business can continue to do what it does, without the worry of dealing with a cyber incident.

Cyber Specialists

Richard Amphlett


Lisa Langley

Account Executive

Diane Manders

Senior Claims Manager

The Cox Mahon Cyber Specialists can help by:

  • Understanding your specific business needs by talking with you
  • Searching specialist markets to find the best cover for you at a competitive price
  • Placing and managing your tailor-made policy
  • Filling the gaps between your cyber cover and your other insurances
  • Answering your cyber-related questions and offering advice
  • Being your point of call should an incident occur
  • Invoking your 24/7 breach response team, if part of your policy
  • Ensuring your incident is investigated and managed under your policy agreement.

Contact our Cyber Specialists on tel: 0330 055 2206 to discuss how to protect your business today.