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Autumn has arrived, and along with enjoying the beautiful colours and crisp mornings, it is time to re-read your insurance policy conditions and ensure that your heating and other winter precautions have been taken.

Check that any unoccupied property, second homes or holiday homes – as well as student houses which may be empty over the holidays – are ready for the winter months and possible wind, rain and storms. All insurers expect good maintenance and preventative measures to be taken.

It seems obvious but check drains, gutters and loose tiles!

If you have tanks and pipes in roof spaces, leave the loft hatch open by 30cms to allow the warmer air to circulate to the cooler loft.

Empty properties are more vulnerable in the dark winter months; an enticement to thieves, check that they are secure.

Most insurers need to be notified if the property is left vacant – check the provisions on your policy. If the heating cannot be left on over cold winter spells, the systems should be turned off and drained.

These small preventative measures can make all the difference to your properties staying in good condition and prevent the need for avoidable claims.

Home Alone Property