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Cyber Insurance – Protecting Your Business and Customers

In addition to ensuring that your system is adequately protected, we also recommend that cyber insurance is purchased.

Standard cover includes Event Management with First Response ensuring a response within one-hour of the notification of a breach and the appointment of experts to assist, support and guide you.

Additionally the cover provides:

  • IT services – investigation/containment/resolution
  • Data restoration
  • Reputation protection
  • Notification costs
  • Credit and ID monitoring – 90-day monitoring services

Insurers work with you to ensure your Data Protection Obligations are met:

  • Data protection investigation – defence costs
  • Data protection fines – ICO warning given in 2014 stating that the legal profession are required to make greater efforts to ensure client data is protected and secure
  • Personal or corporate information – damages and defence costs cover arising from a claim for breach of information
  • Security failure – damages and defence costs arising from a claim from a third party following actual or alleged failure
  • Failure to notify – damages and defence costs for failure to comply with the requirements of Data Protection Legislation
  • Information holder personal and corporate information – damages and defence costs for breach of duty in respect of processing personal and/or corporate information.

Additionally, the following optional extensions can be included on the policy:

  • Digital media
  • Cyber/privacy extortion liability
  • Outsource service provider
  • Network interruption

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