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And Then The Rains Came…

As we enter into the colder and darker days, our attention turns to protecting our properties against the inevitable bad weather. Take a look at this recent case study…

The client lives in a large residential family home surrounded by farm land. Recent improvements to the property included a drainage channel around the perimeter. Despite this, over the weekend of Storm Dennis, such was the amount of heavy and continuous rain that, by the Sunday morning, there was a layer of water covering the entire ground floor. Floating footwear, personal belongings, sodden carpets and water underneath an engineered wooden floor were just a part of what the family came downstairs to. Having been contacted, Cox Mahon visited to offer support and obtain further detail.

AXA (as contents and building insurers) were notified. In turn, Crawfords (loss adjusters) were instructed to assist and immediately appointed ChemDry. Dehumidifiers and driers were put in place and ruined carpets removed. As a temporary measure, the family went to relations but alternative accommodation was arranged and reviewed on a regular basis until the house was habitable. Within four days, the loss adjuster visited and agreed with the policy holder that replacement furniture and fittings could be sourced. Within two weeks of flooding, partial settlement of claim was made to enable the purchase/ordering of items. The house, whilst still requiring work, is now habitable and the insured has been reimbursed for the majority of the claim.

A swift and helpful approach by both Cox Mahon and insurers turned this unfortunate incident into a well-managed event.