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Cyber Criminals Make The Most Of Pandemic Lockdown

The pandemic struck and a large number of people working from home quickly became a major target for cyber criminals. Overnight, employers and employees had to react quickly and adapt to a very different way of working. There was little chance to risk assess a home working environment.

There is growing concern that staff working remotely on less secure devices than the office network and those without dedicated office space are finding it hard to keep information confidential. Those using video meetings also need to make sure that unauthorised parties cannot overhear or see a confidential meeting.

It is believed that over 46% of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)s have had at least one cyber attack or breach in the last 12 months. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for all of us and how we work. While it will take some time for the implications to be fully understood, it is already clear that the pandemic has also exacerbated many of the wider, day-to-day risks faced by companies and their clients.

Firms are advised to have procedures in place for dealing with cyber attacks and know when to report such incidents to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the relevant regulatory body. Reports of successful attacks should be made even if the firm or its insurers have already repaid any financial losses.

If you have any concerns about your company’s possible vulnerability to a cyber attack, please contact Cox Mahon to discuss how a Cyber Liability Policy can offer peace of mind and support to keep your business running.