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Exclusive PI Insurance Facility for Investment Agents

For members of the Niche Investment Agents Society (NIAS)

Over a period of more than a decade, Cox Mahon Limited, has developed a PII niche within the Chartered Surveying Profession (RICS) of Investment Agents and now act for a large number of firms. We, unlike many brokers and underwriters, understand investment agents and their insurance requirements.

Since 2017, Cox Mahon has been the main sponsor of the NIAS Networking Events, and through this involvement we have strengthened our relationship with long-term clients and also assisted new firms in the placement of their Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The exclusive facility will enable member firms to benefit from:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (RICS approved policy wording) underwritten by one of the UK’s leading A rated (S&P) insurers;
  • As a member firm, significant rating discounts can be applied by underwriters - and we continue to benchmark the rates with alternative insurers to ensure that they remain competitive
    (The NIAS discount is not available to other brokers);
  • Primary Limits of Indemnity available up to £10m (Excess Layer policies above the primary limit are placed with other preferential insurers);
  • Each firm is individually underwritten and quoted to fit the organisation’s profile and the activities undertaken;
  • All NIAS members will receive additional Management Liability covers at no cost to the insured, as separate policies: D&O Liability £50,000 limit (only applicable to Ltd Cos and LLPs); and
  • The option of payment by interest-free monthly Direct Debit.

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