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Data Protection/Cyber Liability Insurance

What would you do if:
  • A staff member received a Ransomware message?
  • A virus disabled your computer system?
  • Your payment system went offline?
  • Your telephone lines were hacked?
  • You received a huge fine following a data breach?

You wouldn’t leave your office unlocked, so don’t leave your business data and network unsecured either.

Our experienced team can source a competitive cyber insurance policy to help to protect and support you, in case the worst happens.

Cyber Crime

No system is ever 100% safe from attack. Cyber insurance can cover your business from losses following cyber crime.

Whilst you’re reeling from a cyber attack, your policy could provide a 24/7 response team to investigate and resolve the incident, to get your business up and running again.

GDPR & Data Breaches

Cyber Liability insurance could even cover your fine after an inadvertent breach to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

System Failure

Compensation can be provided following service disruption due to a third-party software failure or to cover your losses following a system failure.

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